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Automate Your Development Workflows with the State Tool

The State Tool lets you reclaim coding time by automating all the one-off tasks that suck the joy out of life with a standard repeatable solution.

Install the State Tool

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

Run the above command in your terminal to install the State Tool

Run Cross-Platform Scripts

All you need is the State Tool, we’ll take care of the rest.

Scripts that your entire team can run, no matter their OS.. Don't worry about language dependencies, we'll take care of that!

Tired of Managing scripts with Makefiles?
Replace your Makefiles with a reliable, cross-platform, scalable solution
Using sensitive values in your scripts?
We've got you covered with built-in secret management

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Automated Event Handling

Set up your environment with a single command

One command pulls down your runtime environment from the ActiveState Platform and sets up your development environment in just a few minutes. Stop mucking around with Readme files and get coding quicker.

The State Tool will soon also automate workflow logic in response to other events, such as:

  • File Changes
  • Package Updates
  • And more ..

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Securely Manage Secrets

成版人抖音短视频appCreate, share and manage sensitive values like API keys, credentials, etc.

成版人抖音短视频app Managing your secrets with the State Tool is simple, straightforward and painless. Secrets are encrypted client-side, so no one but you or your team members can ever read their true values.

Jumping through hoops just to share db creds securely?
Create and encrypt secrets with a single command
Sharing username/passwords insecurely over Slack or email?
Incorporate secrets in your scripts just by referencing their names

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Work Better Together

Onboard faster, automate easier, and share the benefits

To paraphrase an idiom: "If you have to do it for more than two team members, automate it." That includes:

  • Environment setup for the whole team in a consistent, reproducible way so you get less “works on my machine” issues
  • Script and secret sharing in a painless yet secure way
  • Handling common events in a consistent and reliable manner, regardless of platform

Ready to get Started?

Install the State Tool

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac

Run the above command in your terminal to install the State Tool